středa 7. srpna 2013

Black Sea in Constanta

During the weekend me and my very good friend Lukasz along with his family visited beautiful beaches of the Black Sea. His daughter Maya is adorable little lady. We hang out in Eforie and enjoyed sunshine, swimming and sand.

The trip was scheduled for Saturday. But no one told me the train leaves at 3 AM! I was really surprised but determined to do it. We took the night train from Bucharest north train staition directly to Eforie (return ticket 56 RON).  

Arrived to Eforie at 8 AM. I have not seen that many people in a night train before. Seemed like everyone wants to go to the seaside. When we get off the train we simply followed the crowd to the nearest beach. 

All the day we enjoyed swimming in the sea, playing with Maya and most importantly RELAX.
Sun was sharp and warm and water pleasingly refreshing. I swam for couple of hundred meters and get a sunburned:-) At 3PM we left the beach and head for a local restaurant to have late lunch to catch our train back at 6 PM.
Whatever you choose the pizza will be eastern European variation and local food is always a better choice. Couple of beers and back to the train station we embarked our train pretty tired. Apart from my catching up of a running train in Constanta the ride back was calm and full of very bad sleep. We arrived at 11PM at Gara de Nord.

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