sobota 10. srpna 2013

Ubisoft - living like (external) tester 6

Why do we need 2 screens at our workstation?

As I mentioned in the pre-post this year I joined Ubisoft as an external force. Hired by third party company from Czech republic and invited to Bucharest to test the newest Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag.

Although it has many pros it also has some cons...

Today we caught ourselves laughing out loud about our situation.

U see, tester is working on a workstation  - understand there is a PC for logging bugs into the database + at least one console on which the game is tested(PS, Xbox, Wii,...). Obviously you need two screens to work effectively.

"Lucky us", due to the budget cuts, Czech external testers were granted with just 3 monitors for 2 people. Imagine that in the whole Ubisoft Bucharest 1 free LCD, monitor, tv, LED, whatever display device for us could not be found. So since the day 7 I am working only on 1 LG LED 24EA53 monitor and switching the sources manually from HDMI (connected to my Xbox360) to VGA (connected to my PC). Organizing MP(Multi player) session with people from France is in such case strongly inconvenient.

Lucky us though, because before Vaclav came at the beginning of this week, there were no monitors for us at all and mine were borrowed from fellow coworkers. But since their project started also - Watchdogs - I had to give them back.

Even testers need fully equipped facilities and workstations to work effectively. Wish me luck to get one more screen till the end of this week.

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