středa 29. února 2012


Time for presentation
Hello to you all, sending regards from awesome conference in Predeal Romania.

2 hours by train from Bucharest, one stop before amazing city of Brasov is the highest elevated town in Romania hidden between the mountain passes and slopes.

This Spring Predeal hosts great conference covering amazing project called GROW. Which is a long-term non-formal education program built for the high school students from 9th to 12th grade to improve the quality of education in Romania.

Nikolas and I were asked to participate this conference in order to deliver GROW to the High school students in Bucharest. We did not hesitate much. just asked the boss if we can have few days off and the plan was set.
Mada is studying the agenda for GROW 0.9 2012

Today at 6:10 we were supposed to meet at Gara de Nord station and take the slow train to our destination. Unfortunately sleeping imp made his job really good and we both missed the first train. Our wallets cried a bit when we were to pay twice the price of a slow train ticket, but there was no other choice how to get on place in time. Besides the train 1647 was an InterRegio train and comfortable enough to sleep two more hours.

At 9:30 we were already at the hotel waiting for Alex to pick us up at the reception. Our passports vanished in the hotels' safe and my 100 lei were taken as a "damage fee" in case we would disobey the rules set for the conference. My wallet was crying again. Room 216 right next to Sauna was waiting for us. Just a quick peek. Left our bags in and headed for the breakfast.

From 10:00 sharp the first block of presentation was beginning. Presentation skills, delivery tools, grow basics...well I am not going to write it in here. Just join the project next time and you will see for your self ;-)

Just fooling you around tired like clock says "You should bee sleeping for 2 hours already!!" I will just take a quick shower and immerse into a deep state of unconsciousness.

Exquisite, Excellent, it as you wish, but the meal was not only filling my belly but saturated all my other senses and needs. Real pleasure. Cook in the hotel "I don't even know his name" has my respect. Lets hope this will last him till Friday...

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