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101 tips for living in Bucharest

101 tips to live in Bucharest / Romania 

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  1. Cockroaches at the dormitory bathrooms - smaller than in Asia but higher in the swarm
  2. Always demand receipt form the taxi driver
  3. Before taking a picture of a person ASK for PERMISSION.
  4. Stray dogs are everywhere - don't feed them and avoid groups of 5+
  5. LCD in most buses show alternative routes from the next bus-stop along with bus numbers continuing from there
  6. In subway there are private security officers - one in each car
  7. There are no timetables for buses on the bus-stops deal with it
  8. People on public places use on principle mobile phones with sound ON
  9. Very few web pages have English version
  10. If you are cold, just hop on any bus and get off on the next station
  11. In rush hours don't take bus to get anywhere or you will be late for sure
  12. Metro is extremely cheap - use it to get around
  13. Travel
  14. Always use metro to get anywhere - faster, cheaper, cooler :-)
  15. Never believe a taxi driver he has no change
  16. Always have the precise sum prepared to pay for taxi
  17. There is 1000+ taxis(cabs) around Bucharest and they are cheap
  18. If taxi driver says 10 Lei instead of turning on the taximeter you can try to bargain
  19. Never argue with a taxi driver about the price AFTER delivery
  20. Do NOT ask in a bar to switch football to hockey...EVER
  21. Don't bother buying a bus card if you use it once a week or less
  22. Caru cu Bere is a must for a traveler - traditional pub with traditional meal
  23. Don't expect the waiting staff to be FAST - give em 15 minutes
  24. Smile a lot
  25. Pay with banknotes not with coins, especially in pubs
  26. Draft beer is not a standard here
  27. From airport take bus number 783 to the city center - 7 lei(2 ways)
  28. Get yourself a FAN - public transportation would be less sweaty
  29. Prepare to spend your evenings outside on the bench
  30. Bring sunflower seeds to a party - its a local snack
  31. Travel more
  32. Get a fore arm Tatau with something "deep" in Chinese or Japanese
  33. Buy pink T-shirt
  34. Take trendy clothes to un-trendy places
  35. Pretend to have less money than you have - DEFENSE
  36. Cheapest beer is in plastic bottles - tastes OK
  37. Anytime you place and order, prepare it to be incorrect on delivery
  38. If you just switching from plane to train take bus 780 - will get you directly to Gara de Nord
  39. Escape Bucharest to the seaside - Vama Veche, Costinesti, Mamaia
  40. Order Chinese food delivery from wuxing.ro only if you want expensive and tasteless parody
  41. Best café in town - Café Milano on Piata Romana
  42. Try Romanian food - mamaliga, brinza, paine, ciorba, usturoi
  43. Best pizza in the town - they have no good pizza in Romania I believe:-(
  44. Go to the seaside - Black sea has its charm
  45. For exotic food head to hidden Pakistani restaurant called Haveli restaurant - 50+Lei for fully satisfying experience

Well thats how far I got :-D...maybe you would like to add some? Feel free to leave those in comments. It was a pleasure to live in Bucharest/Romania for those 10 months. Hope to come back and maybe rearrange these tips a little;-)

2013 - added a few more and more to come next time

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