čtvrtek 12. ledna 2012

Ubisoft - living like a tester 2

Its 20th of December - my 7th day at Ubisoft working as a tester. More precisely still receiving proper training. You know, playing games all day is quite demanding. Not only that you are playing, but you have to watch also all texts for errors. Any BUGs connected to the language and its implementation to the game has to be killed. Which means in case you find one you will report it into internal BUGhunting system and developers take care of it. After 8 hours of this - one can be pretty much exhausted.

But its Christmas and no project so far needs my Czech language skill. I am promised to work on some games after the New Years Eve. Till than I have walktrough the Assassins Creed Revelations...

6:50 - today it is baaad. I have already 20 minutes delay on the start. Quick shower, no breakfast. Tightening my shoes and lets hit the MRT. Timpur Noi station is a little further than Tineretului but the main advantage is I do not have to change tracks more than once. Neighborhood is calm, just kids going to the school or walked there by parents/grandparents. 

7:35 - I missed the first train in matter of seconds. But no worries, they are coming every 4-5 minutes. Still it is another delay. Although I already get used to the crowds in this morning hour, still bugs me to take off my jacket every time I step in to the train. Too many people + too little space = really hot environment. Basarab station welcomes me. Here I have to change to M4 line heading to Parc Bazilesku.

"You are not only playing, but you have to watch also all texts for errors. Any BUG connected to the language and its implementation has to be killed."

8:12 - Finally in place.

8:15 - Heading to the canteen for some breakfast. Fried eggs with bread and green tea will do the job. While eating I notice all the decoration with small tree in the corner. All that accompanied by Christmas songs coming from the radio. Its been some time since I heard Mariah Cerey All I Want for Christmas Is You

8:30 - Cheered up by Christmas music and not hungry anymore I head for the real deal.

8:35 - I have to play Assassins creed once again :-)
12:00 - Knocking on my shoulder - Lukasz reminding me its time to eat. Ezio and his next kill will have to wait. My belly comes first this time.

12:10 - Still in the line. Deciding what will be the best to satisfy my needs. And the winner is...chicken leg with French fries and 2 chilly papers for speeding me up. All the canteen space is filled with Christmas atmosphere. the only thing that changed since morning is amount of diners. All is buzzing and everyone chats about the upcoming holidays. Family visit is on top the leader for most of us. Well...except for me. It would be too demanding to go back to Czech...but you already know where I spend my Christmas

14:50 - Secret Santa demands attention and all co-workers from our space gathers around small Christmas tree in the middle - well 2,5 meters from my desk actually :-) Smiles, congratulations, unwanted presents, funny ones too. Secret Santa was really thorough and everyone gets what he deserves :-P Plastic catapult, new pair of ice-skates, ear rings, perfume, massage certificate...or Paulo Coelho's new book - Aleph.

15:50 - All presents are distributed, smiley faces everywhere and we can start to dig the snacks. Coke with traditional cookies or juice with marble cake. Christmas mood is in the air and everyone is chatting or enjoying few minutes of peace on the space.

16:05 - Cookies are gone:-/ and most of the nerds are back behind their huge(and i mean HUGE) LCD TVs. Grabbing the last cup of coke and marble cake, heading for my spot. Real pleasure to work in here indeed:-)

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